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Taking out a pay monthly iPhone 4s contract has major advantages: The cost of getting an iPhone is subsidised by the provider, this allows customers to benefit from great deals which include 600-1200 free minutes, unlimited SMS texts and around 1GB of mobile Internet per month. Spreading the cost over 18 -24 months on Orange pay monthly still gives flexibility to add-on affordable bundles should your needs change, as do T-Mobile, 3 and Vodafone contract plans similarly. Comparing who has the shortest contract length that ends sooner is not a good strategy. Contrary to one other price comparison website – today it appears this is a myth: "Choose the shortest contract to buy an iPhone cheap and hence, to get out of contract sooner." Out of contract iPhones are very expensive to keep. An iPhone relies on mobile Internet connection for many of the features. On Average this will cost £1.00 per-day whether you notice or not at the end of the month add up the minutes and texts and you find out it is not so cheap after all. Hence customers then go for a sim only plan, which will not include the benefits as prices over a full term 2 year contract. 3 Mobile offer sim only rolling contracts from just 30 days.
iPhone 4S
Because of the credit crunch the Carphone Warehouse and Mobile providers have began giving away their iPhone 4S 16GB free. There has never been a better time to buy on pay monthly than in recent weeks.

4S New Features

The dual-core A5 CPU provides faster processing for all your tasks. An 8 mega-pixel camera with all-new optics also records 1080p HD video. And with the new killer app ‘Siri’, iPhone 4S recognises voice commands to perform tasks.
  • Siri lets you ask your iPhone questions in natural language and provides immediate answers. Siri can read out loud - new messages and email, make phone calls, reply to text messages, schedule appointment with alerts, and plays your iPod music when you ask it to.
  • The dual-core A5 CPU provides faster processing on all your tasks, whilst being highly power-efficient on battery life. The chip provides 2x the power and 7x faster graphics which makes it even better for playing games.
  • An 8 mega-pixel camera with all-new optics also records 1080p HD video. An improved lens aperture combination along with being sensor equipped shoots pictures with more light, something which dogged previous iPhones. Dim pictures should be a thing of past. While the new Optics feature focuses on making images sharper for photo and video recording.
  • 1080p HD video recording was present on iPhone 4, but on 4S stabilisation reduces annoying camera wobble from user's hands.
  • iOS 5 the most advanced Apple mobile operation system has over 200 new features and comes preinstalled on 4S. Plus all those shiny new iOS 5 features are free to existing owners of iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch and iPads willing to download the new software via iTunes.
  • Airplay lets you broadcast what's on you 4S to a HDTV or Hi-Fi speakers via Apple TV
  • Dual antennas mean the 4S uses separate antenna to transmit and receive which improves call quality and doubles the maximum HSDPA throughput to 14.4Mbps, compared to older iPhones 7.2Mbps.

Unlocked iPhones

On the other hand, a 4S pay as you go handset without data, minutes and text messages, provides an option to buy with no contract. Typically, the pay and go iPhone buyer does not need unlimited texts and minutes included. Therefore, this is the cheapest way to buy an iPhone for light usage. Remember that if your friends use wifi at home on their iPhone, you can text free using iMessage - this can cut down the cost of ownership significantly. Clicking the link will open the site with a full list of deals for all networks on iPhone 4S 16GB
Written 04-10-2011 - Updated 19/04/13
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