Apple iPhone 5c 16GB on O2

February O2 5C monthly plans announced today. Their cheapest 24 month tariff is on the Airtime Plan, a 3G tariff, which costs £32 a month and provides 600 minutes and unlimited texts + 750MB of cellular data (mobile internet).

Upfront cost: FREE Was £29.00 for the 16GB model
Free for the 32GB version on £42 per month plans

No deals for the 64GB iPhone 5C on O2 have been published yet.

At the opposite end of the scale pay £99.99
for the 5C handset on a plan costing £15 per month.

Buying a 4G iPhone 5C or 5S on O2 costs much more and coverage is far less than 3G. So until O2 have finished rolling out full 4G UK coverage it's probably not worth paying extra for.

Recap: Save £29.99 on this new 3G deal.

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Apple iPhone 5c 16GB on O2
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on a separate note have you heard about tesco free 4g to try for existing customer? Tesco Mobile's pay monthly and SIM-only customers can upgrade to 4G for free

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