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Where can I see a iPhone 8 in store?

Hi, I'm trying to find where I can see the new iPhone 8 plus before placing my order. I want to feel it in my hand to see what it feels like because it's...
Asked By Katelyn, 14-09-2017

Which iPhone 6 should i buy?

just wanted to ask which iPhone 6 are you getting and why. i'm thinking of shopping around after they come out, most probably will pick the big one. how...
Asked By Ben-Rossiter, 15-09-2014

EE 4G & 3G Coverage of the UK

The iPhone 6 launch is just around the corner. With that in mind. Is it worth investing in 4G at an extra cost? Tesco and O2 this summer have been quick...
Asked By 4015b, 30-07-2014

Apple buys 100 acres of land for third North Carolina solar farm

Apple on Monday reached a deal with the city council of Claremont, N.C. to annex 100 acres of land for a new 17.5 megawatt solar farm, the construction...
Asked By 4015b, 08-07-2014

Apple Ios8 disappointing

I've seen the hyped ios8 but can't help feeling disappointed. Why would Apple make a 64-bit system then create blocky 8-bit graphics? Apples mantra was...
Asked By Lagpus, 29-06-2014