EE 4G & 3G Coverage of the UK

The iPhone 6 launch is just around the corner. With that in mind. Is it worth investing in 4G at an extra cost?

Tesco and O2 this summer have been quick to boost the uptake by giving 4G access away free to their new customers.

EE 4G is now available in 250 cities and also Free on EE SIMO deals on here (search Free 4G).

Here's the infographic. As you can see, the dark green blotches represent 4G network coverage, 3G in purple.

More rural areas will now have access to 4G says EE.
In everyday usage terms, walking from the shops to the edge of woods where I live still means a total signal outage even though EE head office and tower is less than 1 mile away. So bear that in mind.

How's your mobile coverage?
EE 4G & 3G Coverage of the UK
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How's your mobile coverage?
spot on. im on voda
Latest news: EE Tariff Increase From 6th August. Today EE tariffs will be going up by £1 across all 4G plans.
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