iPhone® 3GS Vs Blackberry

Today, the communication scenario has changed to a large extent. Mobile phones are actually like mini computers. Currently, smart phones are considered to be the “in” thing in the market. Two great options in smart phones are the BlackBerry Bold and the Apple 3GS iPhone. Let’s size them up and compare them with each other.

The revolutionary design of iPhone has set a standard for the next generation of smart phones. In case of looks, Blackberry Bold is considered the best looking model till date, but it still lags behind when compared to the classic appeal of 3GS I-Phone.
Winner: iPhone 3GS

Operating System
Since both are high end smart phones, the operating system in both takes the user some time to understand their features. Since Blackberry is mostly considered to be business phone, its usability focuses more on business applications. On the other hand, iPhone is more manageable and faster as compared to Blackberry Bold.
Winner: Apple iPhone 3GS

With its small 2.6 inch screen and 16K color palette, Blackberry Bold is way behind the 3.5 inch screen iPhone (16 M colors with a 320 X 480 pixel resolution) as well as most other top smart phones as well.

Although the display of Blackberry is smaller compared to others, the space is more than well compensated by its large keyboard. Also, the QWERTY keyboard of Blackberry Bold makes typing a pleasure. Conversely, though iPhone has a flashy virtual keyboard, you tend to make mistakes using it at first.
Winner: Blackberry Bold

Speed & Connectivity
Having an HDSPA speed up to 7.2 Mbps and ARM Cortex A8 processor with a speed of 600 MHz, it is hardly any wonder that the ‘S’ in the name of Apple iPhone’s 3GS denotes speed. Blackberry Bold matches up with its 624 MHz processor and an HDSPA speed of 3.6 Mbps. On this factor, there is hardly any difference between the two currently for there are no service providers giving 7.2 Mbps speed. Both are equally proficient for communicating over Quad Band GSM network supporting frequency bands of 850/900/1800/1900. Also, both have GPRS, EDGE, and Wi-Fi abilities, and are equals in USB connectivity and Bluetooth A2DP support.
Winner: Both. It is a draw.

This is considered to be the main weakness of Apple iPhone 3GS model. The iPhone has 3 megapixel camera along with autofocus while the Blackberry Bold has a standard 2 megapixel camera with LED flash.
Winner: Apple iPhone 3GS

In case of storage space, iPhone 3GS clearly outsmarts the Blackberry Bold model with its two 16GB and 32GB models. Instead, Blackberry Bold just has 1GB of internal memory and can hold up 8GB of external memory.
Winner: Apple iPhone 3GS

Final Result
Apple iPhone 3GS and Blackberry Bold are worthy successors of the earlier models. While iPhone 3GS is a entertainment phone, Blackberry Bold maintains its reputation as a business gadget.

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