iPhone 5S Factory Unlocked 16gb £168.99 - eBay

Just thought i'd share my latest purchase. I bought the iPhone 6 & found it was just too big to put in my pocket. as i work in a bed & breakfast i'm often bending over, the larger phone wasn't practical so i looked on ebay and found these seller refurbished with 1 year manfuactures.. all in all a great money saver. i coould have picked up a sealed box handset for 428 on ebay, but at 359.99 i'm able to buy two.

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Seller: universalgadgets01 (1752724)
More than 10 available / 207 sold
Fully tested and in Very Good condition. 1 year parts and labour warranty
iPhone 5S Factory Unlocked 16gb £168.99 - eBay
Asked By bandb, 09-09-2016, 00:00:00 ► BlogDeals
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