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iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 pay as you go handset without a plan provides an option to buy with no contract. Typically, the pay and go iPhone buyer does not need unlimited texts and minutes included. Therefore, this is the cheapest way to buy an iPhone for light usage.

One important difference between Pay and Go and a Sim-Free iPhone 4 is that the pay as you go handset will be locked to the mobile provider network. This causes grief if you later frequent to a location where the iPhone has 'No Service', or perhaps when you go abroad, and another common change of circumstance is if pay and go users decide to start sharing a 3G Internet connection through your iPhone (tethering). On the other hand Sim-Free gives you freedom to use any Sim (see sim-only prices for more details).

When you choose a pay as you go iPhone, it is worth checking the latest offers. Choosing the right tariff makes a big impact on the price. T-Mobile has a great deal allowing pay and go iPhone customers to get free unlimited texts for 12 months.

Unlike other mobile phones, Apple iPhones do not allow branding of providers, no Orange or Vodafone logo whatsoever appears on the iPhone.

Find the iPhone 4 16GB pay as you go in stock on here. Check the status to determine availability.

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Neil Lord04-02-2011
I waited three weeks for Orange shop to tell me when new stock had arrived. In the end I ordered mine from Apple Store sim-free intentionally going to Orange. After sleeping on the idea of other vendors I switched to 3. Three pay as you go includes 150MB with every top up.

I can't understand why Orange don't appear keen on reselling iPhone 4 16GB pay as you go. Surely it would be a winner.
I finally managed to save enough to buy the iPhone 4 from the Apple Store in Blue-water, sim free of course, well chuffed on it's performance. After being on a 24 month contract previously, I've now gone pay as you go and managed to get truly unlimited mobile internet, texts and 250 UK minutes for ?10 a month with a micro sim from Giffgaff sims.

The Apple store had them in stock and within minutes of getting home I was watching online tv on this sleek sexy beast, sure beats my old Samsung.
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