iPhone 4 16GB Black Refreshed

27-10-2010: Three is pleased to announce that it has got its hands on the Refreshed stock of the wildly popular 16GB iPhone 4

What does 'Refreshed' mean?

  • These units have passed both cosmetic standards as well as functional standards by Apple, however some devices 'may' have minor marks from use
  • All previous customer data has been removed/deleted from the device
  • All accessories that come with a Refreshed version are new
  • Packaging for iPhone will be cleaned and repackaged in a Three box
  • All customers must be made aware that the device they're receiving is a repackaged product
  • Customers will get 12 month warranty on this product


The Refreshed 16GB iPhone 4 is available on four tariffs

  • Internet Texter 500 - £64
  • Internet Texter 900 - £80
  • The One Plan - £100
  • The One Plan - £100

To confirm, the pricing is in line with the original 16GB iPhone 4.

Apple announced plans to "Refresh the iPhone 4" model to rectify antenna problems. The update was unannounced and it's believed to have been rectified by the iOS software update carried out when synching to iTunes.

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