Used iPhone Price Guide

used iphone guide
Second hand iPhone: Should you buy one?
Now the iPhone handset is in its 5th major revision, most people have seen, used or currently own one. The productivity and casual functions as a gaming device cross the boundary between why people love this smartphone over the rest. When cost is an issue, second hand tech can cost considerably less.
Refurbished iPhones provide the best alternative to buying new. These units might have been swapped out for a new, then repaired by Apple. They might have minor imperfections, but usually pre-owned refurbs still look brand spanking new. Apple Store do sell them, but not online; not much can be saved on the iPhone 5 either. Vodafone, O2, and 3 Mobile all resell refurbished units on contract at competitive prices (when available).
Used iPhone what to look out for?
iPhone 5–No signal. This problem can occur for many reasons. Faulty sim, loose confections, moisture, etc. In most instances, re-installing the software can fix it–albeit a technical issue, it is cheap and free to do with the right know how.
iPhone 4/4S–The 4 and 4S second hand units often have button problems. The power button is prone to being jammed down. Also the rear screen is glass, making it twice as likely to have chips, or minor cracks that do not show up without close inspection.
iPhone 3GS–Look out for dust under the screen. Which is hard to notice until you look directly in sunlight. Dust gets trapped between screen and touch pad. A genuine replacement touch screen costs over a hundred pounds!
How much is a used iPhone worth?
One important decision before buying a used iPhone is whether or not it is locked to a network or not. If its unlocked, you have full choice of what sim to pick. Otherwise you will be only able to use it on the network it is locked to, until the unlock period is reached, which is around 1-2 years. Besides that, jailbreaking voids an Apple warranty. So ask if in doubt. Second hand units can include an extended Warranty, which might be worth half the phones value! Trade exchange shops insist the white iPhone was worth more than black, that's not true, both cost the same price new, so looking at the second hand value, the same rule set must apply: Go by the condition. An original box, UK region handset with IMIE number, cable and plug. That's the kind of well looked after second hand iPhone you want to buy. Here's the market valuations as of May 2013.

Used iPhone 8GB

Model Mint Good Fair Damaged
iPhone 4 8GB £200 £155 £135 £65
iPhone 3GS 8GB £120 £110 £85 £20

Used iPhone 16GB

Model Mint Good Fair Damaged
iPhone 5 16GB £450 £395 £300 £260
iPhone 4S 16GB £290 £275 £250 £210
iPhone 4 16GB £200 £160 £140 £105
iPhone 3GS 16GB £165 £120 £99 £40

Used iPhone 32GB

Model Mint Good Fair Damaged
iPhone 5 32GB £490 £435 £370 £310
iPhone 4S 32GB £290 £260 £190 £150
iPhone 4 32GB £240 £210 £165 £115
iPhone 3GS 32GB £175 £130 £105 £45

Used iPhone 64GB

Model Mint Good Fair Damaged
iPhone 5 64GB £590 £535 £470 £410
iPhone 4S 64GB £490 £430 £370 £250
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Peak Flip11-12-2013
I sold iPhone 4s with 32Gb is only $165 on gazelle as of yesterday.
These prices seem high to me. :)
cheers, those prices needs another review. the new iphones have come out since may, yearly puts the older ones down about 25%
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