What's so good about iPhone® 3GS?

  • A combination of entertainment and communication devices - iPod and phone
  • Widescreen iPod with touch screen controls
  • Revolutionary mobile phone
  • Breakthrough mobile Internet in your pocket

Put an iPhone against other so called smart phones – you'll quickly notice other so call smart phones are not so smart

iPhone Best Points: Revolutionary UI. The iPhone's keyboard appears only when you need it. The onscreen touch keyboard has all the buttons you get with a QWERTY and additional useful web browser controls. The keyboard changes depending on the application. They have removed all external hard push buttons in aesthetic moving to a full touch screen system. What about the other user controls? well who wants a yucky stylus to prod the iPhone, no stylus, what about a mouse… no mouse, iPhone is going to use the best pointing device ever made your fingers! Try multi finger gestures; Apple has since patented the technology! 1st Mouse, 2nd iPod, 3rd Multi-Touch™ – I'm not going to argue with that!

  • iPhone runs MAC OSX10
  • Boasts desktop class applications
  • Automatically synchs with iTunes – sync tons of data from PC or MAC to iTunes. All that data can be moved over to email, music, photos and calendar

Features 3.5 inch screen. 1 button in total on the iPhone. Thinner than traditional iPods at 11.6 mm. 3-megapixel Camera on the 3GS with built in video camera editing software. Sim card re-programming. Sleep and wake. Advanced sensors – a proximity sensor will turn off the keypad when you make a call; accelerometer to auto detect application best viewing layouts or choose your own. More features – ambient lighting experience, themes, touch your music!

How To Use Switch on wake up by sliding finger across the lower area of the screen Scroll ability like everything is based on a list box by flicking up or down the screen. Tilting the device on its side goes into Cover Flow mode – flip though the albums by album cover! Similar to Audio books, Podcasts. TV shows – watch all in landscape mode again tilted. The LCD has widescreen or full screen options. The iPhone screen is 160 pixels per inch. The killer app is the phone from all the features designed to impress. Visual voice mail can use random access voice mail quad band GSM + EDGE + WI-FI + Mobile phone SMS Merge calls – conference calls put one on hold by touching. Or choose by touching the picture of the phone. Resize pictures using your fingers. iPhone uses Safari web browser – not a cut down version either! View websites and not using WAP. Resize text on web pages. Google Maps – has their full service available to use iPhones. E.g. You can look for the nearest coffee shop then call them! Widgets – Weather and Stocks – EDGE and WIFI unmanaged networking does this without asking you to set up.

Speed: The fastest iPhone ever. Apples' revolutionary iPhone 3GS improvement on the older 3G model stands out as being significant, to an otherwise excellent predecessor. You won't tell the iPhone 3GS compared to iPhone 3G side by side sunny side up they look identical. Top to bottom iPhone 3GS dimensions are: height = 115mm tall (L), width = 61mm (W), weight = 135 grams. 3GS comes in 16GB and 32GB memory. 3G S features: A higher resolution camera with an autofocus; voice recognition, faster processor. The 3GS model has a 3.0 megapixels camera plus a built in video camera with editing. Voice control and compass. The "S" stands for speed. iPhone 3GS is 2.9 times faster processing certain tasks. The battery consumption is lower too, giving you longer between recharging. Apples' multi-touch graphical user interface is a first of a kind award-winning technology, used on iPods and iPhones.

iPhone Sensors

One of the cleverest features of the iPhone is the 3-axis accelerometer, that can tell which way around you hold the iPhone. When you tilt the screen horizontally the screen orientation changes from portrait to landscape view or vice versa to ensure you get the best view without changing settings or re-downloading.

Another clever feature is the proximity sensor to detect the distance from you when you move the phone closer to make a call the touch screen buttons shut off to prevent inadvertent input. Also working alongside the proximity sensor, an ambient sensor reduces iPhone power consumption and adjusts ambient light atomically, to save battery power.

The sensors can be used by iPhone apps and games too; it's not limited to Apple's propriety function.

Written on 13th July 2007, last updated 21/06/2010

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Whatever you do, don’t get an HTC! htc are going through a bad tenchnical patch at the moment and we wait to see how they are going to resolve things.
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